Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Faery Healing Journey
For the Season of Beltaine

Here is an earth healing meditation that may be done for the Beltaine Season. Although the first of May has come and gone, (Hey! I was busy with my birthday! Okay?), the seasonal energy of summer has just begun, so this meditation is appropriate now and may be repeated weekly till the approach of Lughnasahd/Lammas.

Create a small altar and place a candle in the center, with matches nearby. This altar is your Faery Hearth, and the candle is your Faery Hearthfire; it represents the flame of being as it burns in the faery realm.

Settle yourself comfortably before your Faery Altar and light the Faery Hearth candle which is in the center of the altar.... As you gaze at this center flame, breathing slowly in and out, you find that you are becoming more relaxed, calm and serene with each breath. You focus your attention on the candle, then close your eyes, seeing the candle with your inner vision. As you do this, you feel yourself sinking down into the Earth, passing down through the surface layers of soil, sand and clay, and going down, deep, and deeper, ever deeper, into the Earth.

At length, you find that you have come to rest in a clearing surrounded by trees. In the Center of this Grove is an enormous tree.

From its base, a mass of gnarled roots sprawl thickly over and into the ground; its wide-spreading branches form a canopy high overhead. There is an opening in the trunk which leads inside the tree’s trunk. You walk into this opening, and find that you are in a small cave, which is suffused with green golden light. The light seems to radiate from the rough wooden walls of the tree-cave. As you observe this, the light seems to swirl towards you, and around you, and it begins to move you, whirling you, spiraling you downward into the ground, through the surface soil, and into the land itself. You pass easily through the many layers of soil and rock, moving downward with the green-golden light, which whirls you around and around as it carries you downward. At last you land upon what feels to be soft earth....

You open your eyes and look around. Directly before you burns a fire within a hearth. The hearth is a beautiful large bowl of burnished copper, which rests upon an emerald studded stand. The flame within it reaches upward as far as the eye can see. You gaze around and see the gently rounded walls which rise around you, sparkling with many-colored stones and crystals, which glow and gleam with light, now rosy, now ruby red, now shot with sparkles of emerald.

You realize that you are within the heart-shaped Glen of Precious Stones, which lies at the heart-center of the Faery Realm, standing before the fire of the Faery Hearth. From this Glen, four gateways—formed by the intertwined, arching growth of two slender trees—lead out into the Four Faery Convocations of Finias, Gorias, Murias and Falias. You turn to look at each of them briefly, and through each arched tree gateway you can see a different landscape ... You turn back to the Hearth and gaze into the flames.

You call now upon your Faery Allies, and ask that they be with you here, and assist you. Immediately, they come to you.....

Now you move to the Eastern Tree Gateway (or Southern, Western, Northern), and as you do so, you feel the presence of the Faery hosts of the Shining Ones, the Tuatha De Danaan, and the King, Queen and Sage of that Convocation, on the other side of the gate.

You stand at the Threshold of the Gateway, and ask them to come in. When you say this, they begin to march through it and into the Glen of Precious Stones, assembling themselves around the Faery Hearth.

When they have all gathered there, you speak to them, telling them what you want to do, and you ask for their assistance. They may have suggestions to offer you, so listen carefully to the answers you are receiving.

Now bring your attention to the Faery Hearth and the flame that burns within. Watch and feel as the flame expands outward, encompassing you and all the beings who stand with you at the hearth. You feel your own inner flame blend with this larger flame, and you feel the inner flame of the other beings do likewise, until you aware of One Flame, which burns in many colors. You feel this flame burning in your heart, and radiating out of you at the same time. Your awareness expands and you allow yourself to be aware of the Land around you and above you. As you do this, you feel the One Flame leap outward to encompass the Land. You envision all the features of the landscape, and notice how their inner flames are touched and enlivened by the One Flame. You realize that the One Flame carries the energy and imprint of the primal and pristine land of the Faery Convocation within it, and these energies are now being planted and impressed into the Land....

You sense when this is accomplished, and simultaneously, you become aware that the Faery hosts are moving back through the Gateway, returning to their own realm. The gates grow misty and seem to fade from view. You return your attention to the Fire that burns within the Faery Hearth, and as you gaze within it, you see the land above, below, and around you suffused with Spirit, and glowing with life and vitality. You find that the green gold light has begun to swirl around you again. It lifts you up, and swirls around and around, upward; you find yourself passing from the Glen of Precious Stones, and upward through layers of soil and pebbles, till finally you emerge once again upon the surface of the land, finding yourself in the place from which you had begun......

Take a deep breath, and allow yourself a few moments to return yourself to normal waking consciousness, and then you open your eyes. You are back.