Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Feast of Brigid

Artwork (c) Miranda Gray
The winter rains have come at last to the parched lands of California, and the earth is glad again.

Everything that was grey and brown has greened up. Dandelions are springing up everywhere and seem an especially vibrant green right now.

Dandelions are one of Brigid’s flowers, so this reminds me that her feast day is near at hand. The Midwinter-born light has increased; now is the time of the emergence of a new cycle of life — lambs are born and ewe’s milk flows; snopdrop flowers push through the snow and herald the Spring that is to come. Life is renewed, and it's time for a new start. And like groundhogs, badgers, and bears, it’s time for us to wake up, crawl out of the cave and look around — to see what the future might hold!

Here is a prayer to Brigid that I wrote many years ago.

Blessed Brigid
Blessed Brigid, Flame of Delight in the many worlds,
May the fires of your Sacred Hearth be rekindled.
May they burn brightly, their flames bridging the many worlds,
Bringing the star-power of the Heavens down to enliven
The stars that live deep within the heart of Mother Earth.

Grant us the gift of your brightness and warmth:
The fire that is inspiration.
Let us draw sustenance from your Well of Deep Peace,
That nourishes all of Life.

Enfold us in your mantle of protection and healing.
Guide us as we heal, and in our creative endeavors.
Grant us the inspiration that enables
The creation of True Beauty and Harmony.

Blessed One, Fair One,
This do we ask of you,
As we offer you the Inextinguishable Light
Of our love and homage.

Here is a lovely video to help you celebrate the day  —  La Fheile Brid

Blessings of Brigid to all! 



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