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Some Thoughts About Faery Healing

Faery Healing, art by Margaret Walty, (c) 2003

In 1997 I began a journey that led, in 2003, to the publication of my book, Faery Healing: the Lore and the Legacy. The story of that journey can be found here .

The faeries communicated with me during the writing of the book, often giving me messages – sometimes in images, sometimes in words, and often in my dreams – of things they wanted me to include in the book. I translated these the best I could, and searched for the proper words to convey them.
Though there have been many books published on the subject of faeries, Faery Healing was, I believe, only the second book published in recent years that focused specifically on the subject (the first one being by Doreen Virtue in 2001), and the first one to go in detail into the lore and practices of the old Celtic traditions of faery healing, or “faery doctoring” as it is sometimes called.

Other books have been published since then; teachers have sprung up, classes are being given, and I was surprised to find that people are now being ‘certified’ as faery healers / faery doctors, and are setting themselves up in practice.

While the current interest in the traditions and practices of faery healing has heartened me, the commercialization of faery healing has not.

In 2002, as I was writing the 'Conclusion' of Faery Healing, I was guided to write the words below, words that I felt strongly that the faeries wanted me to convey.
 Faery Healing: The Lore and the Legacy, © 2003; pages 353-354

I hope this book has inspired you to seek reunion with your faery kin.

Although many of us may be called to reconnect with our faery kin, not all of us are called to be faery healers. It may be likened to the field of physical health care, where, while it certainly behooves all of us to gain and use basic health-care and health-maintenance knowledge, we are not all called to become doctors.

If you do feel called by Faery to do Faery Healing, you must remember and observe the sensible and honorable rules of conduct by which they practiced, as well as the few rules and guidelines which I strongly feel are important and necessary for our era. If you seek help from a faery healer, please assure yourself that they are observing these rules:

1.    Faery healing uses no particularly shiny, expensive, new agey paraphernalia, but rather, simple and easily available materials, so do not allow yourself be deceived by those who come – calling themselves Faery Healers - bearing glittery wands and expensive potions and crystals.

2.    Faery healers are “just folks,” so do not allow yourself to be deceived by those with fancy titles or robes of glamour.

3.    Faery doctors of the past wouldn’t heal without being asked to do so, as they were aware  that the seeking of healing is part of a person’s healing process, and to interfere with it was inappropriate, and an overstepping of boundaries.

4.    Faery doctors, at least the ones who were not also ordinary herbalists, wouldn’t heal if it wasn’t “any of their business.” This means that these particular faery doctors would only heal faery or spirit-induced diseases, and not ordinary human ills. The rule here is to “mind your own business, “ and to not act beyond your area of knowledge and guidance. Don’t think you can heal anything and everything with your faery healing work, because you can’t. Stay open to your faery guidance while healing.  Be humble and honest, while allowing room for faery surprises.

5.    Faery Healing is a community service, not a money-making operation. It is, like shamanism, a service performed by a qualified person, both for the health of the general community, and the health of individual community members. No money should change hands in the practice of faery healing, although occasional non-monetary gifts are allowed, in order to keep the energy balanced. Occasionally, very minimal fees may be charged if physical objects such as bottles of herbs change hands, but no money must be charged for the energetic part of the healing work. There are no exceptions to this rule.

6.    Faery Healing is a vocation, a Calling of the Heart; it is not a career, as careers are intended to support us financially. 

In an era where New Age thinking and practices are frequently about the spending and making of money by means of the buying and selling of spirit and its technologies, remember that the currency of the Faery Realm is an open-hearted love. Faery healing is not, and has never been, about money. All that glitters is not gold. Learn to discern, lest you be lead astray by faery gold which may later turn to dry leaves and dust....

This book is about opening your connection with the Faery realm, and engaging personally. While it provides structure and guidelines, please remember that the faeries will teach you, and that part of that teaching is the transformation of the self, especially the heart. 

Heartfelt Faery Blessings on your work; may you be blessed and healed!



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