Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Pictures From Previous Years

More graveyard views



Blogger Janie Quick said...

Hi Margie! My sons have amassed so many gory novelties over the years that my basement looks like the Temple of Doom. However, I've been packing stuff up, trying to reduce clutter. Next year I'll have to pack all the fake skeletons and stuff and send it to you, to add to your graveyard. Love, Janie

8:27 AM  
Blogger Margie McArthur said...

Hey Janie!

Not sure when you left this comment because I haven't logged in for a while, but thanks for your kind offer to share your Temple of Doom's Halloween accouterments. :)

Where we'd put the stuff, I don't Our garage is maxed out, and Abby's as well! Talk about the "Temple of Doom." She had a posterboard mausoleum in there for a while, next to the coffin, mummies, hanging ghosts, and skeletons! Good think she has a very patient husband.


1:39 PM  

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