Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Faerieworlds Report

How did a month go by already? Faerieworlds was an amazing experience, and I meant to blog about it sooner.

Now, I will admit I don't do well in the heat of summer, and was worried about that aspect of Faerieworlds. However, we went well prepared and that was a good thing because we needed it. Oregon natives would probably not have considered the weather particularly hot, but for me it was a challenge. I have lived in very hot climes, but never got used to it. Now I live by the sea and am in my element. There may be a genetic component here; that's my guess anyhow.

But despite my discomfort with the weather, I could not help but notice the wonderful "vibe" of the Faerieworlds Festival. Kelly & Emilio and the others involved have gone out of their way to make it very special, very evocative of an alternate and very magical reality, and have succeeded wonderfully.

It is a spectacular festival! The sights, the sounds, the smells -- everything contributed to the magic! The sight of so many people in fabulous costumes having fun, the sight of costumed children at play, and dancing, singing, jumping around, the beautiful decorations and wondrous goods for sale at every turn made it a feast for the eyes! The constant sound of happy conversation and laughter, as well as the sounds from the many talented musicians who performed, made it a feast for the ears! The lovely fragrances of yummy appetizing food, scented oils and incenses, as well as the fragrance of trees and flowers made it a feast for the nose!

I got to meet some great people -- those who showed up for my booksigning and other good folk -- authors Ari Berk and Jayel Gibson, artists Brian Froud, Lisa Steinke, and Neil Geddes-Ward, and Rhianne from Tribe -- as well.

All in all, Faerieworlds is/was a truly magical festival, and I highly recommend it!


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