Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life —
Where did July go? Can’t believe it’s August already. August is always busy for us - birthday of two of our kids and our wedding anniversary – 33 years! How did that happen? Guess we were having so much fun the time just flew by! :)

Book News —
As some may know, Wisdom of the Elements has been out of print for the last 3 yrs, but still available through my website's Faery Store. It is also available, as is my book, FaeryHealing, at Amazon, where my seller identity is "faeriewood-by-the-sea." In addition, it is now being carried by Phoenix Book Distributors, so will soon be available in stores again! Yay!

More Book News —
I am in the process of taking over ownership and management of my book, Faery Healing. If all goes according to plan, the book will still be available through several of its distributors – Baker & Taylor, Phoenix Distributing, and New Leaf. It is also available from my Faery Store.

Relevant Links ---
My Faeryhealing website

My Faery Store

Phoenix Book Distributors

That's all for now!

Lughnasadh Blessings!


Blogger Yasmine Galenorn said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Margie! It's good to see you get this up, and I'll link to it in my forums. :)

Amazing how fast the year is zooming by, though I have to say, I'm ready for autumn.

BTW: you might want to enable word verification on your comment section, helps prevent spammers. :)


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